Langtang & Helambu Region

Langtang & Helambu Region Legend has it that a Lama, while following a stray Yak, stumbled into the Langtang Valley - hence the name Langtang ("Lang" means "Yak", and "Tang" means "Follow"). A beautiful alpine region to the North of Kathmandu and bordering Tibet, Langtang-Helambu is an easily accessible natural paradise. While the area cannot boast any of the Himalayan giants, the scenery here is every bit as spectacular as most of the better known destinations. In particular, Helambu is ideal for short duration treks and especially suited to winter season trips. Here there is a series of north-south running valleys that provide a variety of possible trekking routes. At the head of these valleys is a ridge that separates Helambu from the east-west running Langtang valley. Here the high alpine scenery, with mountains visible from their base to their peak, and the sparsely inhabited nature of the country makes this an ideal destination... read more about Langtang & Helambu Region
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