Walking and Trekking

Walking and Trekking The word 'trek' is Afrikaans in origin - South African Dutch pioneers used it to describe a long journey by ox wagon in search of a new home. But words change as they travel, and in Nepal, trekking is a journey taken on foot for seeing natural and cultural scenes in areas where modern transport is not normally available. Trekking is walking! - not just strolling, but hiking up and down hills. Vitally, it should always be done at your own pace; it should never be a constant, forced march. The best moments, for most, are the time taken to stop and talk to the friendly Nepalese people along the way; to enjoy tea, coffee or cold drinks at trail-side tea-shops; to pause at shady chautaara (resting places); to admire the trees and flowers, the sky and the stunning views. Seldom do we delight in the pure present, but these... read more about Walking and Trekking
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