Motorcycle Odyssey

Motorcycle Odyssey The Himalayas have it all: verdant green hills, immense snow-topped mountain ranges, rivers with frothing white water, steaming jungles and rainforests, heart-stopping mountain roads, timeless cities with vibrant bazaars and ancient palaces, monasteries and remote villages, not to mention Mt. Everest, the world’s highest peak. It is a part of the world which has, thankfully, not yet been caught up in the desperate attempt to do everything at break neck speed, and vintage styled motorcycles fit in perfectly with the retro life style still enjoyed beyond the hustle and bustle of urban life. Motorbike enthusiasts are looking beyond long and speedy stretches of characterless roads, and we are offering to those who seek the next level of adventure, tours along the serpentine and switchback roads of the Himalayas, on the Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle - Asia’s answer to the Harley-Davidson. These vintage machines look seriously wonderful, and riding them gives a... read more about Motorcycle Odyssey
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