School and College Expeditions

School and College Expeditions School and college curricula are undoubtedly enhanced through extra-mural activities which offer stimulating and unusual experiences. Such activities make a valuable contribution to the academic and personal development of those who take part in them. In particular, the chance for some real cultural study comparisons, through practical involvement, is an easily achievable goal, through every day observation and possible participation. Nepal is a multi-religious society, living in harmony with many different tribes and castes, and of great interest to any student of anthropology. Similarly, the many different geological and geographical features, with which Nepal abounds, may be observed and investigated, beyond the confines of a textbook, within a short period of around two or three weeks, which we can tailor to individual requirements, thus fitting comfortably into most school and college holiday periods. We, at Access-Himalaya, can offer assistance and support in all the planning and training stages which are a... read more about School and College Expeditions
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