Agent Registration

Welcome to the Access Himalaya Agents’ page.

We, Access Himalaya always enjoy working with a wider travel community who share same values and principles of travel and adventure, and we would like to welcome you on board and offer you the following incentives as a our AH Travel Agent, so you can experience our adventure yourself, and learn more about Access Himalaya trips by travelling with us. And Access Himalaya always looks forward to helping you serve your clients.

AH Incentives for Travel Agents
… Our incentives for Access Himalaya exclusive trips is as follows:

  • Commissions Up to 10% based on annual production (start at 5%)
  • On your first online booking, your will earn US$ 25 as a welcome bonus towers your trip
  • We offer a free place with every 14 paying member
  • Responsible tourism operator, we offer 1% contribution from your booking to your chosen local community organization or a charity.

About our Access Himalaya Exclusive trips…

  • Unique Itineraries: Highest-quality experiences in the Himalaya. See our trips
  • Private Group, Tailor-made or Group Tour Options: You have an option to choose either you want to travel with a small group or in your own private departure.
  • Customizable: Not only can you pick your dates, but we can lengthen or shorten trip and swap hotels and activities, to meet your exact needs and budget
  • Leave Any Day: Private tours allow you and your clients to choose which dates work best for you.
  • Expert Advise: You will be offer best advise from local expert at anytime.
  • Exceptional Value for your budget: Save 20-25% vs. comparable guided tours of this same quality.

What is Next…

STEP 1: Complete your profile with additional details like: Company/Agency Name, Company Logo, Company Registration No. ect.
STEP 2: After completing the profile, print a copy on later headed paper, sign it and send to us by post. 
STEP 3: Once we received documents and approved, we will forward a Agent ID with your login details
STEP 3: Once you will receive your details, you can login as an agent with your agent ID, username/email and password.

We are ready for your cooperation!!!